Smoking PSA features Wis. mom

Eau Claire mom is one of several former smokers in new CDC ads
Smoking PSA features Wis. mom
Amanda Brenden in CDC ad

A powerful public service announcement about the dangers of smoking while pregnant is hitting the airwaves, and a Wisconsin mom is featured.

Eau Claire resident Amanda Brenden shares her emotional story about her daughter’s time in the NICU after she smoked while pregnant.

Her little girl, now 7 years old, suffers from asthma and allergies. About 13 percent of pregnant women in Wisconsin smoke.

Brenden is one of several former smokers in spots running around the country.

“For most of my life smoking was an escape from stress. Now it has caused so much pain and stress for me and my entire family,” Brenden said in the PSA. “I’m sharing this story to save other moms from the guilt I feel over my child’s illness.”

The Centers for Disease Control hopes that by sharing the stories of former smokers more people will try to quit.

One-fifth of Wisconsin adults still smoke, creating more than $3 billion in health care costs for the state’s economy.