Sketch of man whom Stormy Daniels accused to be released

Stormy Daniels’ legal team plans to release a composite sketch of the man the porn star says threatened her in 2011 when she was trying to sell her story about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, her lawyer said Monday.

“We’re going to be releasing that tomorrow, along with a significant reward, asking that the public come forward, asking to identify this individual,” Michael Avenatti told CNN’s “New Day,” adding that his team is “close” to identifying the man who allegedly threatened Daniels.

Daniels alleged in an interview last month that weeks after she agreed to sell her story to a magazine in 2011, a man walked up to her in a parking lot and threatened her and her infant daughter, saying, “Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.”

Daniels, an adult film actress, is currently in a legal battle with Trump over a “hush agreement” that Daniels signed just before the 2016 election. In exchange for not divulging details of the alleged affair, she received $130,000 from Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen. Daniels argues that the agreement is void because Trump didn’t sign the agreement.

The White House has denied the affair took place.