Shooting victim identified, husband talking to police

Children in home during shooting

The Madison woman killed in an east side homicide case is identified as Julia Stacey Majette, according to the Dane County medical examiner.

Majette, 25, was killed Wednesday evening in the 700 block of North Thompson Drive. Her husband Daunte Vance, 34, was injured. Police believe the case to be a homicide and attempted homicide.

The medical examiner said Majette died from the gunfire wounds.

Police said Vance is talking to officers about the case after refusing to cooperate with investigators the day after the shooting. He was shot numerous times and hospitalized.

Court documents show Vance listed Majette as his wife back in 2007. A criminal complaint from the same year indicates he was shot during an armed burglary and robbery in Fitchburg.

Neighbor Dean McLaughlin said police routinely patrol the area. 

“If makes me feel like there’s no real safe neighborhood, generally it’s a quiet neighborhood on a very busy street,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin lives on Thompson Drive, but said he didn’t know the couple.

“I’d see a lot of people particularly on the weekend late night parking on the other side of the street and then running in for two minutes, running out,” said McLaughlin. 

Other neighbors said they often saw the couple’s children playing with other kids outside. There were three young children, all under the age of 7, in the home at the time of the shootings, according to police. Those children are now safe after being placed with caregivers.

VIDEO: Shooting victim identified, husband talking to police