Sheriff apologizes for deputy’s alleged Facebook comments

Sheriff apologizes for deputy’s alleged Facebook comments

Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney is apologizing for comments made by a deputy on Facebook.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the statement from Mahoney is in regards to comments left by deputy James Myers. The comments state “Send them back to Chicago,” followed by another comment stating, “Then nuke Chicago” and were made on this Channel 3000 Facebook post about an increase in shootings in Madison.

Myers, who has been with the sheriff’s office more than 10 years, is on administrative leave.

In an interview with News 3, Mahoney said he was “disappointed and embarrassed” by the incident.

“I am quite concerned and embarrassed that this shadow has been cast upon this organization and the people that work so very hard for the citizens throughout this county,” Mahoney said. “And to have the allegations that one of our staff made insensitive and possibly racially-motivated statements does not in any way embody nor reflect the character or values of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.”

A tweet from the Sheriff’s Office states that the comments don’t reflect the Sheriff’s Office values. A spokesperson said the comments are being investigated by Internal Affairs. The potential consequences range from a verbal reprimand to termination.