Senate GOP candidates hope Ryan energizes voters

Primary election set for Tuesday
Senate GOP candidates hope Ryan energizes voters

With a crowded primary just hours away, Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. senate candidates on Sunday spoke out on the new Romney/Ryan GOP presidential ticket.

After all, the candidates knew that they weren’t the big story in the Republican party over the weekend.

“Today is Paul Ryan’s day,” said Mark Neumann.

“I don’t think Governor Romney could’ve made any better pick than Paul Ryan,” added Eric Hovde.

“This to me is exciting, that somebody is actually going to take on the issues and come up with solutions,” commented Tommy Thompson.

The governor’s recall shortened the senate campaign season, and now more big political news in Wisconsin.


So will anyone be paying attention to their race come Tuesday?

“I think it’s going to take out the news cycle, there’s no doubt about that, until Tuesday,” admitted Jeff Fitzgerald. “But that’s all right, it’s energized the base and I think it’ll fire people up.”

“I think it energizes people,” agreed Hovde. “I think people are really keyed in, tuned in to what’s happening. I think this is actually going to cause a bit of a bigger turnout on Tuesday.”

And, the candidates agreed, a big turnout on Tuesday is a vital start to a positive fall election for the GOP.

“Getting rid of Barack Obama and his policies is the most important thing that can happen to this country,” said Neumann. “I’m just happy to be a part of it and to be able to help.”

Tommy Thompson added that he could help Romney and Ryan win Wisconsin in November.

But first he has to win on Tuesday.

“I’m the one person who can bring Reagan Democrats and Independents over,” said Thompson. “That’s going to help Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.”