Selma Blair posts touching video about motherhood, MS

Selma Blair is talking about some of her physical struggles after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The actress, 46, posted a video earlier this week in which she was using a walking bike, with her son Arthur hitching a ride on the front.

“Today was tough,” Selma wrote. “I couldn’t get out.”

About their walk, she added, “Joy. My son hitched a ride and we had a perfect day.”

Selma also shared information about how the bike has been helping her.

“It keeps me going right now, thinking people lives are changing for the better,” she wrote.

She’s been using the bike for a few months, telling followers to “spread the word,” she adds. “It’s a community that helps you live again.”

“I didn’t think I would be in this state of health with a young kid,” she wrote in the post. “I didn’t think I would ever need a cane or wheelchair or mobility aid until well into old age. But here we are. I am happy. I wish I could ride and compete and carry my son and work right now, but the work on myself takes precedent. This walking bike is my lifeline to outside. And that is joy.”