Schwoegler’s staff react to shooting outside of their bowling lanes

MADISON, Wis., — After receiving reports of a shooting involving multiple victims last night, Madison Police called Schwoegler’s Lanes, the bowling alley at the parking lot where happened.

Schwoegler’s General Manager Marcia Eloxham said she was in bed sleeping when she answered the call, “by the time we got here obviously the whole parking lot was blocked off.”

She said customers already at the bowling alley stayed inside, but not one else was allowed to enter after the incident.

“Immediately after it happened everybody was safe. We believe it was an isolated incident because it happened in the parking lot and it was just two people that got hurt,” said Eloxham.

Police asked her for surveillance footage to further investigate. She said although they were able to clear up the scene fairly quick, Schwoegler’s helped those who couldn’t get to their vehicles get home through their ride safe vouchers.

“It was definitely an isolated incident like things that happen all over the city right now… it’s not like Schwoegler’s is a dangerous place to be,” said Eloxham.

After further investigation, the incident was identified as an attempted homicide. The two victims are in the hospital at this time.

Schwoegler’s is welcoming people to their lanes as usual, assuring all that they remain safe place to bowl.