Scaramucci says he’s on list of banned White House staffers

Scaramucci says he’s on list of banned White House staffers
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Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director

Anthony Scaramucci says he’s on a list that bans certain former White House staffers from entering the White House without special permission.

The list was first reported on by Bloomberg, which referred to it as an “administrative exclusion list” by the White House.

The former White House communications director, who left after a historically short tenure, confirmed to CNN on Friday that he is on that list.

The White House did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

According to Bloomberg, the White House initially denied that Scaramucci had been banned, but later confirmed the reporting.

When asked if he anticipated being taken off the list by White House chief of staff Gen. John Kelly, Scaramucci told CNN: “Ask him why he had his staff lie about it yesterday and why does his press event today contradict the public record.”

“Morale is terrible. He caused it and he is a perpetual liar,” Scaramucci said about Kelly.

In April of last year, the Trump White House announced plans to keep its visitor logs private — a move that resulted in more secrecy surrounding the President’s activities in the West Wing.