Salvation Army warns residents of scam possibly linked to Sun Prairie relief efforts

Salvation Army warns residents of scam possibly linked to Sun Prairie relief efforts

In the wake of the Sun Prairie explosion, the Salvation Army is warning people of scams going on in the surrounding areas.

The Salvation Army tells us in the wake of major relief efforts for #SunPrairie, two women have been going door to door scamming people for money. Tune in to #News3 tonight at 10 for the details.

— Jamie Perez (@JamiePerezTV) July 18, 2018

Reports released say two young African American women are going door to door, claiming to be members of the Salvation Army. One resident called police after the pair came by her home twice in one day.

“These young ladies had come by and asked them to make donations they were collecting for the Salvation Army. And I guess when they first approached the husband, he said, ‘No I don’t think they do it that way.’ So they left and evidently came back when he was gone and the wife gave them some money,” said the director of operations for the Salvation Army, Steve Heck. “The community, they trust us to do the right things with the money and we have a great reputation here. It upsets me that somebody is out there taking advantage of that for their own gain.”

They don’t know for sure, but they do think the scammers were telling residents the money would go to the recent explosion relief efforts in Sun Prairie.

“If they need help and you’re watching this, call us and we’ll help you. That’s what we’re here for. But don’t take money away from others, and families, and homeless kids that need it,” Heck said. “These people thought they were helping us, and helping other people. And so now they’re going to question when someone comes around from another charity or someone looking for support and wonder does it really go to them? Are they legit? That’s a shame for not just the Salvation Army but for all of the charities that are out there trying to raise money to meet the needs of people in the community.”