Rural residents get important connection to world

Next ‘no call’ list deadline approaching, officials say

Residents in one Rock County community now have an important connection to the outside world.

Five Footville residents were told by the Federal Communications Commission they were in an unrecognized area, but they were trying to get phones from the Lifeline phone program. FCC officials said their addresses did not exist.

Sen. Tim Cullen, D-Janesville, contacted FCC leaders and pointed out that Footville does, in fact, exist.

“We sent a letter to the head of the FCC and enclosed a map of Wisconsin and circled Footville on the map,” said Cullen. “So I’m very glad the phones are here and people have the phones they’re entitled to.”

The FCC had denied the residents’ applications because they were using a P.O box instead of a home address. But everyone in the rural community picks up their mail at the post office because they don’t have home delivery.

“I never had a cellphone, but it’s nice to have one because if my landline goes dead, I’ll be able to call my daughter or the doctor or something. It’s nice to have,” said Hazel Preston.