‘Rocky’ pet shop demolished in Philadelphia

The storefront that appeared in the “Rocky” films as Adrian’s fictional pet store has been demolished.

A guide discovered the teardown in the middle of giving a tour, Philly.com reported.

“I was getting ready to tell these people, ‘Well, hey, across the street is the … ‘ and then I looked over and saw a bulldozer,” said Ben Caplan, who has been giving “Rocky” tours for more than a year.

The building appeared in more than half of the franchise’s films: “Rocky,” “Rocky II,” “Rocky V” and “Rocky Balboa.”

Other filming locations in the Philadelphia neighborhood include the sites for Rocky’s apartment, gym and favorite bar.

Caplan and the sightseers had a chance to sift through the rubble for keepsakes.

“They were scooping bricks into a dumpster,” Caplan told Philly.com. “So me and the two people who were on the tour went over and asked if we could take some bricks. So we’ll always have those keepsakes.”