Robert Kraft wants video of day spa session to be kept out of trial

Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, filed a motion Thursday to suppress the video recording of his session at a Florida spa, according to court documents filed in Palm Beach County.

Kraft, 77, was charged with soliciting prostitution last month. He was among more than 100 people who were linked to several central Florida day spas and massage parlors suspected of being used for prostitution and targeted by law enforcement during a monthslong investigation.

The motion attacks the validity of the search warrant that permitted recording, arguing the warrant allowing police to record activity in the massage room violated Kraft’s Fourth Amendment rights and Florida law.

Kraft claims the video surveillance was an overly invasive investigatory technique that was “unnecessary and inappropriate” because “the alleged offense is not legally serious enough to justify such a maximally invasive investigatory technique.”

He has entered pleas of not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution.

“By no stretch of the imagination did law enforcement need to resort to secret, indiscriminate, continuous videotaping of private massage parlors in order to build a solicitation case around low-level consensual sex acts,” the motion says.

Earlier this week Kraft waived his arraignment and requested a jury trial.

He is scheduled to be in a West Palm Beach courtroom the morning of April 9. The notice says the defendant must be present at the hearing.