Retailers Make Post-Christmas Push To Lure Shoppers

As the shopping season is about to wrap up, retailers are offering up one last push to lure consumers.

The Monday after Christmas is being referred to as “Mega Monday.” Experts said while returns are popular, this day has become much more than that.

“About 10 percent of gifts come back — that’s going to still happen. But now (people) want to go out and buy new things,” said Deborah Mitchell, retail expert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business. “They’re looking for the big deals, and they’re looking to spend those gift cards.”

“We’ve had returns throughout the day, but actually the thing we’ve noticed most is just the general shopping overall,” said Aaron Denneau, from the Madison-West Target store. “Assuming a lot of people got gift cards for Christmas, they just wanted to get some of the deals that we’re running today.”

Managers at Target said that while they’re offering big deals, some of the most popular items on Monday were holiday items. With everything Christmas marked 50 percent off, it’s a deal many can’t pass up.

“This morning we actually had a line out the door,” Denneau said. “So, yeah, everyone’s trying to stock up for next year.”

Overall, retail experts said it was a good year. Mitchell said holiday sales will be up 3 to 4 percent compared to last year.

And retailers said they hope shoppers, such as Kathie Baxter, make their bottom lines even better with their Mega Monday buys.

“I’m amazed,” Baxter said, who spent the day shopping with family. “The lines aren’t as long; it doesn’t take as long to return stuff. People seem in a relatively good mood, so it’s not bad.”

Mitchell said consumers should watch for “some amazing deals” in stores and online this week. She said within the last few years, retailers have pulled out all the stops the week between Christmas and New Years for that one last ditch effort to get consumers in their stores.