Response to DA’s decision should honor Tony Robinson’s life, work of community leaders

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Black lives matter, and we are not Ferguson. Those were the immediate responses to the fatal shooting of Tony Robinson a little more than nine weeks ago.

As we await District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s decision on whether to charge Officer Matt Kenny with a crime in Robinson’s death they are our responses still, only more so.

Tony Robinson’s death matters. His family’s grief matters. The emotions and thoughts of all Black people in Madison matter. The work and commitment and care of the Black Leadership Council and the diverse partners of the Community Coalition matter. The responsibility, safety and futures of our students matter.

We are not Ferguson. Let’s not be Baltimore either. Let’s respect Tony Robinson’s life and honor his death. Let’s consider the facts as best we are able. Let’s value law enforcement, and work to make it better. We believe DA Ozanne deserves our trust. We will know everything we can know.

And we throw it all away if there is violence and property damage and arrest and injury. Let’s not.