Research in the Rotunda makes a comeback at Capitol

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin State Capitol building buzzed with activity on Wednesday as dozens of excited and passionate UW System students gathered for the 18th annual Research In The Rotunda.

Showcasing research projects that they have developed over the past year, students presented their work to state lawmakers and community leaders. 

Every year, the program highlights projects that contribute to the state’s economic future.

“Seeing that passion within all of my colleagues and all of my colleagues across these campuses, as they share something they put their blood sweat, and tears into, it’s genuinely fantastic,” said UW-River Falls student James Bowers. 

In addition to providing students with valuable professional development experience, the program also gives college students the chance to raise awareness about important issues in their communities.

With projects exploring topics such as police-community relations, the pandemic, neurobiology, the complicated subjects sought to understand through their research displayed their willingness to learn and grow through their projects.

Students shared that they are glad the program exists. After months of hard work with faculty advisors, they were excited to finally share their work with an audience.

Something that really benefited me from being here was just like, all the interactions I’m having with people,” said UW-Whitewater student Shalea Carter. “Some people didn’t really know too much about police brutality, so the fact that I can be like that first person to tell them about it, and how it’s a problem and why it’s a problem and possible solutions. we can take as a society, it means so much to me.” 

Of the dozens of students who presented Wednesday, many said they hope this makes a meaningful contribution to state policy and academic research.