Renewable energy goal is reasonable, responsible

Renewable energy goal is reasonable, responsible

The Madison City Council on Tuesday will vote on a resolution adopting a community-wide goal of 100 percent renewable energy. We support the resolution, and we support the goal.

In the wake of politically-motivated energy policies nationally and state-wide out of step with both science and efforts around the world to slow climate change, Madison is joining other communities acting independently to protect our environment.

Municipalities, business and energy companies are working collaboratively to support clean energy efforts.

Recently a group of prominent Republicans called for a carbon tax climate action plan. Military leaders are discussing climate change as a national security issue. President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson and others have shown little interest.

Action at the local level is but one option available right now and we have to take it. When we get to 100 percent is another question. But making it a goal is reasonable and responsible.