Reedsburg man pleads guilty to 6 robberies in Madison area

Reedsburg man sentenced on 6 robbery charges
Keith Gary

A Reedsburg man pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges for six robberies of Madison-area businesses last fall, according to a release.

Keith Gary, 46, pleaded guilty to committing six robberies, one while armed; one attempted robbery; and to unlawfully possessing a firearm and ammunition as a convicted felon.

He also admitted to attempting to rob the McDonald’s on West Broadway Oct. 29, displaying a firearm during a Sept. 21 robbery and unlawfully possessing a firearm and ammunition on Nov. 13.

Gary was identified as the robbery suspect when photos from some of the robberies were released in November, officials said.

Gary was on probation for a 2006 armed robbery convicted, so his probation agent authorized a warrant for his arrest, according to the release. Later on Nov. 13, Gary was stopped by the Reedsburg Police Department and was arrested.

Police searched Gary’s car and found a .32-caliber revolver, prescription medication in Gary’s name and black nylons, officials said. Police also found tan nylons, .32-caliber ammunition and bank records during a search of Gary’s residence.

At the plea hearing, the prosecution listed numerous facts that suggest Gary was the robber:

In each of the robberies, the robber wore either tan or black nylons over his face. DNA analysis of the black nylons found in Gary’s car concluded Gary was the major contributor of the DNA recovered on the nylons.
The .32-caliber revolver found in Gary’s car matched the description of the gun used in the Sept. 21 robbery.
Gary told a friend about his involvement in five of the robberies, and that friend shared details with the police that were not known to the public.

At the plea hearing, Gary claimed he had committed the robberies because of his drug addiction and he “had to get some money to get some dope,” according to the release.

If convicted, Gary faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison on each robbery count, 10 years for the felon in possession count and a mandatory penalty of seven years for one brandishing a firearm count, according to the release. The sentences would be served after any penalty imposed for the Sept. 18 robbery and a mandatory penalty of 25 years for the second brandishing a firearm count. The sentences would be consecutive to any penalty imposed for the first brandishing a firearm count and any penalty imposed for the Sept. 12 robbery.