Reedsburg day care to stay open late hours for second-shift workers

Reedsburg day care to stay open late hours for second-shift workers

Kimberly Walker and her husband have run a day care service in Reedsburg for the last four years. Three-and-a-half of those years were done out of their home. Her business quickly grew, and Walker knew she needed to expand out of her home to legally accommodate the children.

On Aug. 4, she purchased a building to operate out of at 1111 Industrial St. Walker is now staying open longer to help those who work second shift at their jobs. The Walker Family Daycare’s new hours are 6 a.m. – 11:15 p.m. Walker said she eventually wants to extend that even further by offering a 24-hour day care service to open it up for those who work third shift.

“We love kids,” Walker said. “To watch them grow and try something for the first time and see the excitement in their faces and how proud of themselves they are, there is nothing better.”

Walker said opening up her business for later hours is “a need in our town, and we want to help as many families as we can. If people don’t have good child care, they can’t work and provide for their families.”

Walker said cops, social workers, teachers, nurses, waitresses, postmasters, EMTs, vets, safety managers, construction workers, prison guards, fast-food employees, foster program staff are just a few of the people who need her services.

Walker said there is nothing being offered like her late-hour day care service in Reedsburg and although it’s difficult to stay open for so long, “We see the benefit of the long hours in the joy and love back from the kids and the families we can help.”

Walker said there are 11 people who work at her daycare, including her husband and her. She said people from many surrounding communities seek her services.

She added that she treats her “customers” like family.

“We are not just a day care, we are a family,” Walker said. “We strive every day for this and want families that come to feel that when they walk through the door and for them to know that we love and treat the kids like they are our own.”

For more information on the Walker Family Daycare, you can visit their website here.

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