Record high gas prices fueling frustration for those on both sides at the pump in Madison

MADISON, Wis. — Michelle Benson, who drives to make a living, has a double-dose of anxiety whenever she decides to fuel up these days.

“I don’t make a whole lot, so having to put 50 bucks in my gas tank every week or so, it really affects my budgeting,” she said.

Right now, AAA reports the average cost for a gallon of regular gas in Wisconsin is $4.80. A gallon of diesel will cost you a buck more.

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Overall, our gas prices are up 70 cents compared to last month, making folks like Benson a whole lot more selective.

“I used to drive anywhere; (Now) I go from here to there. From home to work, that’s it,” said Benson.

However, those fueling up aren’t alone in feeling the pain at the pump. Long-time Madison area gas station owner Mike Seversin says this is bad for business as well.

“I mean people are trying to conserve, not drive as much, so if your gallons are dropping, of course less miles… less gallons pumped,” he said.

Seversin sold off the fuel portion of his business, but he knows gas stations make a lot more money off other products. When people skip the gas station altogether, owners lose out, too.

“I believe it was ’08 when we hit four bucks a gallon. That was when we finally went prepaid because I’ll never forget… I got dragged down the road because a guy was trying to escape without paying for it,” said Seversin.

It leaves people like Seversin — just like us — asking why an age-old process has gotten so tough?

“Why is gas going up so high? The barrel is just climbing and climbing, diesel is supposed to be cheaper than gasoline. Why is that a dollar more a gallon? I wish I had the answers,” explained Seversin.