Rebuilding continues at elementary school damaged by EF-3 tornado

District optimistic school will be ready to open by Sept. 2
Rebuilding continues at elementary school damaged by EF-3 tornado
Storm damage at Country View elementary in Verona

Verona School District officials released a statement Monday detailing the progress in rebuilding Country View Elementary School, which was damaged by an EF-3 tornado on June 17.

Crews are into the reconstruction phase of rebuilding the elementary school, according to the release. Concrete masonry walls are being put up in the rooms destroyed by the tornado, and the area hardest hit by the tornado has been stripped of dry wall, carpeting and insulation. The entire area is being dried out with fans and dehumidifiers.

The roof trusses needed for the damaged classrooms are expected to be delivered within a week or two, and after they are installed the building will be fully enclosed, officials said.

Due to water damage the gym floor had to be removed and will be replaced, according to the release. Before the floor can be replaced, portions of the gym walls that were cracked will be replaced as well as some of the gym roof decking that was heavily damaged.

Work has also started on replacing the outer roof of the entire building, officials said.

Staff members are also working to inventory damaged, destroyed or lost furnishings and educational materials, according to the release. The district is processing orderings for new materials daily.

Significant efforts are also being made to ensure the rest of the building maintains acceptable humidity levels to prevent mold from growing, officials said.

District officials said they remain optimistic that the school will be able to open on Sept. 2, and the staff will have time prior to that to get prepared.