Raven Software employees walk out to protest layoffs


MIDDLETON, Wis. — Employees at a Madison-area software company are walking off the job to protest recent layoffs.

More than 30 people at Raven Software in Middleton walked out Wednesday and demonstrated outside of the company’s office building, upset over the layoffs of a dozen quality assurance testers. Raven Software is owned by Activision, working on titles such the “Call of Duty” games. The testers worked to find bugs that would affect the quality of play.

The company said the layoffs were not due to performance issues, and all of the employees that were let go were in good standing. Some of the employees said they had recently been forced to move to the Madison area just before being let go.

“I actually just moved (to Madison) last week, so this comes as a bit of a devastating bit of information, I suppose,” one tester who wanted to remain anonymous told News 3 Now in a phone interview earlier this week. “I was one of the most experienced testers there, and I was taking on a lot of specific work.”

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The layoffs prompted a walkout of remaining employees at Raven Software.

“The process has been anything but transparent and feels like a random selection of real people within our department,” employees said Thursday.

Employees say they plan to continue the walkout until their demands are met — specifically, that the 12 employees who were laid off be given “the full-time positions they deserve.”