Rabies survivor has 2nd brush with disease

Rabies survivor has 2nd brush with disease

A Wisconsin rabies survivor says her dogs have been exposed to the disease after biting an infected bat.

Jeanna Giese is the first person to survive having rabies without a rabies vaccine. She was bitten by a rabid bat in 2004 at a Fond du Lac church.

Giese told The Reporter Media she spotted a bat Tuesday morning when she went to the enclosure that holds two of her three Siberian huskies. The bat’s body was covered with bite marks from the dogs.

The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene confirmed the bat had rabies.

All Giese’s dogs have been vaccinated for rabies, and she immediately took them to a veterinarian for booster shots.

The dogs will be quarantined for 60 days at her home as required by law.