Quality in Every Step

More time spent cooking at home may have you eager to refresh your kitchen’s appearance and functionality.
Modern Kitchen with island

Dream House Dream Kitchens offers decades of expertise on one of the most important rooms in any home. With a team of award-winning designers and professional builders, Dream Home Dream Kitchens will oversee every aspect of your kitchen project to ensure quality and satisfaction.

The comprehensive services offered by Dream House Dream Kitchens mean clients know their kitchen project is in professional hands from start to finish.

Dream House Dream Kitchen employs its own designers and builders so that every project reflects the company’s strong commitment to quality, according to Dream Team Sales Director Jerry Schmidt.

“We’re one team, and that offers accountability,” he says.

Dream House Dream Kitchens has been offering exceptional craftsmanship to clients in southern Wisconsin for 35 years. Schmidt says staff will go to the homes of clients to look at their kitchens, talk about ideas and offer advice on how to blend the new styling to match the rest of their home.

Current kitchen trends

  • Natural wood tones
  • Natural color tones, especially blues and greens
  • Quartz countertops
  • Unique backsplashes
  • Flat-panel cabinet doors

    Clients can use photos with styles they like to help designers craft the right plans for them. Schmidt says their design team offers full 3-D color renderings so that clients know exactly what their new kitchen will look like before any work gets started.

    “It’s definitely helpful to make sure the project is successful,” Schmidt says. “The homeowners will know exactly what they will be getting.”

    Schmidt says natural colors, like muted blues and greens, are replacing gray and white in popularity. White cabinets remain popular, but there is also a lot of interest in highlighting natural wood with stains. Flat cabinet doors also are trending, paired with touchless latches instead of traditional handles.

    Dream House Dream Kitchens has its own line of cabinetry, so clients are able to fully customize color, size and styles. Schmidt says pricing is mostly even across those options so that clients can truly shop for what they want, rather than considering items based on cost.

    Visit dream-kitchens.com to learn more about the breadth of services Dream House Dream Kitchens offers.

    Modern Kitchen with Island countertop and striped high chairs with pendant lamps


    The Center of the Home
    For many, the modern kitchen has evolved from a secluded space to the heart of the home.

    “So many things happen in the kitchen, from homework to important conversations,” says Theresa Braun, design manager at Marling Lumber and HomeWorks. “The kitchen is the center of our lives.”

    For homeowners ready for a kitchen refresh, Marling Lumber and HomeWorks offers a variety of products and services, from flooring and cabinetry to countertops and backsplash accents. A local, family-owned business for more than 116 years, Marling Lumber and HomeWorks staffs all three of its locations with knowledgeable people who can guide customers through home projects from start to finish. In addition to supplying contractors and “do-it-yourself” customers, Marling Lumber and HomeWorks offers full-scale design services. Consultants will talk through project goals, discuss products and budget, and use software to bring ideas to life. (To keep staff and clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, this process can be done in person or virtually, through video chats and digital photo sharing.)

    Braun says it’s exciting to help someone’s home space evolve: “Taking down walls, removing that separation between the kitchen and the rest of the house can change the dynamic for a lot of families, can change lives.”

    In addition to more open floor plans, Braun says homeowners are gravitating toward luxury vinyl plank flooring for its durability and assortment of warm wood tones. White painted cabinets are still the most popular, though more people are experimenting with warmer tones — like grays with beige, brown, or taupe undertones — or mixing stained woods to bring in a warmer texture. Quartz countertops, particularly ones featuring designs that emulate marble, are in high demand for their durability and low-maintenance properties.

    While aesthetics and décor are important (and fun!), Braun insists function always comes first. Her advice? “Consider how you cook and how you use your kitchen. Design your space based on how you live.”

    Function First
    FLOORING: Consider making this selection first, and evaluate how it will wear (waterproof, easy-to-clean,scratch-resistant).
    CABINETS: Consider your current storage frustrations and work with your designer to incorporate new and improved solutions.
    APPLIANCES: Consider the size of appliances you want and design around them.
    STYLE: Consider the architectural style of your home when planning a remodel and incorporate elements that create design continuity.

    Modern Kitchen with pendant lamps and blue island


    Perfect Designs at Your Feet
    FLOOR360 is a leader in offering high-quality flooring for kitchens and every other room of your home. From the latest trends in tile and vinyl, to the timeless classic of hardwood, the company’s exceptional design team can help you find the most stylish flooring to fit your needs.

    FLOOR360’s talented team of designers is ready to assist in the selection of the perfect floor for your kitchen.

    Jen Fickling, FLOOR360’s director of residential sales, says aside from answering simple questions about color preferences, materials and budget, clients can also share photos of spaces they like to help guide the design process.

    “Our design process is an experience that’s collaborative, creative and above all hassle-free,” says Fickling. “Our designers excel at bringing all the elements together to create a custom personalized space specific to the client’s needs and wishes.”

    For homes with children and pets, durability in flooring is important. Fickling says FLOOR360’s team recommends choosing luxury vinyl plank, ceramic or porcelain tile.

    “We are seeing these wood-look hard surfaces installed in more and more custom homes because of the constantly improving quality of gorgeous realistic wood looks and the durability they provide for kid- and pet-friendly homes,” she says.

    For tile flooring and backsplashes, Fickling says FLOOR360 offers design-centric materials that are unmatched by other local companies and are generally found only in larger cities like New York and Los Angeles. FLOOR360 generates CAD drawings for approval on all tile designs so clients can trust the outcome will be true to their vision.

    Multitasking Kitchen Design Tips

  • Open shelving is great for storing cookbooks and small appliances as well as work or school supplies.
  • Use baskets to store your laptop, documents and more.
  • Add file storage to any existing two-drawer base cabinet.
  • Declutter work surfaces by using a pullout shelf to store your printer.

    Hardwood continues to be a popular choice for many homeowners because of its timeless beauty and functionality. Fickling says the current trend is to use lighter woods, like oak, because they help camouflage scuffs and dust.

    FLOOR360 also has an in-house fabricator to offer custom rug options to pair with hard surface flooring.

    “A custom area rug for a kitchen is a great design solution because it adds protection for the hard surface while offering an opportunity to complement or contrast with the overall design,” she says.



    Functional and Modern

    For many of us, the kitchen has also become part office, classroom and conference room, creating the need to declutter and design a more functional space for everyday living.

    That’s what interior designer Shelby Hubbard is hearing from many of her clients at CTW Abbey Carpet & Floor in McFarland. “People need a place to work and learn, and in many homes, especially in the Madison area, there just isn’t room for a separate, dedicated office space,” Hubbard says.

    As people spend more and more time at home, Hubbard says, there’s a new focus on functional kitchens that have a modern, less ornate look and are comfortable and easy to clean (think rich, bold cabinet colors with rough matte finishes). Seamless storage solutions can also help with work-life balance by creating a special space to put things away when the business or school day is over.

    Hubbard’s advice to homeowners looking for a change? Be prepared to communicate your expectations and goals and don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want. From there, the experienced CTW design team can help guide customers in the right direction while also keeping within budget.fslfkjlfkkdkkdkd

    If a homeowner needs to accommodate office space in the kitchen, for example, the solution might be as simple as adding a few accessories to existing cabinets or incorporating a new island or peninsula for extra work surface.

    CTW is locally owned and has served the Madison area for more than 20 years. You’ll find a friendly, family-like atmosphere with the purchasing power of a big-box store, meaning you’ll get outstanding customer service and access to an incredible selection of interior finishes, from cabinets, cabinet hardware and under-cabinet lighting to flooring, countertops and backsplash tile.

    Transform Your Kitchen With These Multifunctional Updates
    With more people spending more time at home, kitchens aren’t just for food prep anymore. They also function as offices, classrooms and even dance floors. These three updates can help your kitchen meet your latest needs.
    Modern High Tech Refrigerator and Microwavr

    Large, versatile island
    A spacious kitchen island can accommodate extra seating, storage and electrical outlets. This allows one or more person to work or study there while another uses a stand mixer, an air fryer or other food-prep tools. For even more function, consider a multilevel island.
    Hidden storage
    When your kitchen does double or triple duty, staying organized is essential. Adding a pantry with a built-in spice rack and adjustable shelving can fight clutter while helping you focus on the task at hand. So can a bookshelf with a sliding door, a drawer for your trash cans or a liquor cabinet tucked behind a backsplash.
    Smart appliances
    “Smart” technology — the kind you can control via mobile app or a voice assistant like Alexa — can make your home safer and your daily life smoother. Whether your home is new construction or a vintage gem, this tech is easy to incorporate when it’s built into your kitchen appliances.

    Faucets and ovens that respond to voice commands are just a few of your options. Others include range hoods that let you video chat as you cook and fridges you can peek inside while you’re shopping with the help of a built-in camera.

    All of these items — and many other kitchen upgrades, from a new dining table to a full remodel — can be funded with a home equity line of credit (HELOC).

    “With a HELOC, you can borrow exactly what you need, when you need it, and only pay interest on that amount,” says Josh Fetting, UW Credit Union’s consumer lending sales manager. “Plus, you can use it for upgrades in any part of your home.”

    UW Credit Union offers HELOCs, mortgages, credit cards and other tools for buying and renovating homes. See uwcu.org for details.