Puppy held for ransom

Puppy held for ransom
WESH/Volusia County Jail/Facebook/Holly Hill Police via CNN

A Florida woman said a man found her dog and tried to get her to pay money for his safe return.

Victoria Sochan’s puppy, Zeus, got loose when he dug himself out of her yard, WESH reported.

She and her boyfriend took to Facebook to post photos and ask for help, WESH reported. Someone messaged her, saying a man was posting pictures of her dog and bragging about his new family member.

Sochan reached out to Thomas Flemming, 31. She said he said he adopted the dog and that his aunt gave it to him.

A witness told police Flemming picked up Zeus on the street and said he’d get it back to his owner, WESH reported. Police visited his home multiple times.

WESH reported that investigators had Sochan meet up with Flemming, who was demanding $150 for the dog.

“He wanted my money for my dog,” said Sochan. “He wanted to make a profit off my family’s hurting. I mean, how do you (do that)? I would never do that to someone.”

The dog was returned to Sochan and Flemming was arrested, WESH reported.