Pup proving dogs also have nine lives

Pup proving dogs also have nine lives

Nosey isn’t your average Chihuahua-Schnauzer mix. He’s 14-years old, diabetic, and blind – making the journey he was about to take sound like something out of a movie.

It was like any other Friday evening for Janet Sorensen and her two dogs: Gus and Nosey.

“I went out to get the tomatoes, came in, made supper, sat down, turned on the tube, and called the dogs,” said Sorensen.

Until something went wrong.

“He didn’t come when I called and I’m going where the heck is he hiding!” Sorensen continued.

Nosey went missing.

“I worked until three that night looking for him. I went up and down path, sideways. Just called and called and called and usually he’d come,” said Sorensen.

Janet called it a night and decided to try again Saturday morning.

“Six o’clock I got up, by seven I was out riding cause I knew it was going to be hot Saturday, it was a mess, it was really hot out,” said Sorensen.

Temperatures were in the nineties that Saturday and Nosey was still no where to be found.

“I need to find him one way or another.  I said God please help me find my dog,” said Sorensen.

Lucky for Janet, she wasn’t the only one looking for Nosey.

“We got a call through the La Crosse police that called our dispatcher and let us know that the train conductor called and there was a dog hit by a train,” said Animal Control officer Howie Wiedman.

The dog Wiedman refers to was Nosey.

“I could not find the dog I almost gave up once, he just kept telling me it is there, keep going.  I just kept going and I finally did find him,” said Wiedman, “I just picked him up, and we just walked right out.”

Then, Janet got a phone call.

“We have a dog, he got hit by a train. I said is he alive? And they said yeah, he’s hurt really bad though,” said Sorensen.

So Janet hopped in her car, and sped off to see her 14 year companion.

“That’s Nosey.  He heard me say that’s Nosey and his head came up,” said Sorensen.

It’s been a little over a week since Nosey’s been found and because of his fast recovery, you couldn’t even tell he went one on one with a train.  That’s because Nosey isn’t your average 14-year old, diabetic, blind Chihuahua-Schnauzer mix – He’s a miracle.

“I didn’t think he’d make it through the night, but he’s a fighter,” said Sorensen.