Public Health enforces Forward Dane safety measures through education first

MADISON, Wis.– As businesses reopen this week, the enforcement of the Forward Dane order has not changed.

Phase one of Forward Dane, a multi-phase plan to reopen the county, allows for all businesses to open with social distancing guidelines, including 25 percent capacity and spacing parties 6 feet apart.

Assistant City Attorney Marci Paulsen said Public Health Madison and Dane County has an email set up for complaints of establishments not following the safety measures. The department reaches out to those establishments to educate owners about the order.

“Our goal is voluntary compliance and education,” Paulsen said. “If they don’t get compliance, then they would refer the matter to my office, and we would reach out and explain to the owner why we are asking individuals to follow the order.”

If establishments continue to violate the order, they could be prosecuted through citations, according to Paulsen.

Paulsen said most violations don’t escalate past education.

“We’ve received a lot more questions than complaints so far,” Paulsen said. “You know, asking for clarification on the orders and how they can comply.”