Protesters seek UN probe of Robinson shooting

Protesters are calling for the United Nations to investigate a Wisconsin police shooting because they feel the United States government can’t be trusted.

Members of Young, Gifted and Black and members of 19-year-old Tony Robinson’s family held a news conference at Madison’s courthouse on Monday to say they don’t believe the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s probe into Robinson’s death is fair since the agency is staffed by former police officers. They said they don’t have faith in any U.S. government agency to look into the matter because it’s all part of one system.

They called for the United Nations Human Rights Council to step in.
Madison Officer Matt Kenny, who is white, killed the Robinson last month. Police said Robinson, who is biracial, attacked him in an apartment house.

Robinson’s family and supporters marched Monday from the home on Williamson Street where he was shot.

They, like many in the community, are waiting for the Dane County District Attorney’s office to reach a decision on the shooting.

There is no indication at this point when a decision will be made regarding whether the shooting was justified or not.

The group said Monday, no matter the outcome, they are not calling for any violence.