Proposal for Madison College’s downtown campus kicks off community forum series

Madison College’s new south campus project gets fast-tracked thanks to grant

We’ve been expecting the series of community forums and Madison College Board meetings that kicked off this week to decide the future of MATC”s downtown campus and its proposal to expand its presence on the city’s south side.

What we weren’t expecting was President Jack Daniels’ new proposal to keep the downtown building and lease it out as the college gradually moves to a location on Park Street or thereabouts. It is all further grist for discussion.

The heart of the discussion remains: should Madison College expand on the South side, and what should it do with the Downtown campus? Our editorial board is going to be talking to folks with different perspectives on this issue.

Perhaps you’d like to as well. Your opportunities start next Tuesday and Thursday. It’d be great if this was a big and inclusive conversation, because a great deal is at stake.