Pro-Trump and pro-Biden groups go head-to-head outside of Wisconsin State Capitol Building after election results announced

MADISON, Wis. — After the results of the general election were announced on Saturday, many local groups headed to the Wisconsin State Capitol Building to voice their support (or lack of) for the newly named President-elect Joe Biden.

Many pro-Biden groups and individuals gathered downtown at the capitol to cheer for the former Vice President, some holding signs and dancing in celebration of his recent victory.

On the other side of the building several Trump supporters gathered as well, a few of which were armed, to chant sentiments like “four more years and “we love Trump.”

The two groups eventually collided, and conflicts began to emerge as supporters of opposing candidates went head-to-head.

Many of the pro-Trump individuals chanted “stop the steal” and held signs with similar messages, a reference to President Trump’s several baseless claims that the election was stolen from him. Supporters also asked where Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was, urging him to investigate the state’s handling of the election.