Priests mistaken for stag party, get kicked out of pub

A group of priests who were celebrating the ordainment of a fellow seminarian were kicked out of a Welsh pub after the managers thought they were part of a stag party.

According to the BBC, the seven Roman Catholic priests were asked to move on from The City Arms pub because the establishment has had issues with bachelor parties in the past.

“They were all dressed in their black and white clothes,” assistant manager Matt Morgan said. “The staff thought they were a stag. We do have quite a few issues on the weekends with parties wearing fancy dress so it is our policy to turn them away.”

Once the bar staff realized they were priests, Morgan says they were given a free round of drinks and the group was able to see “the funny side of the situation.”

The Archdioceses of Cardiff issued a statement saying, “We’d like to thank The City Arms for being good sports through all of this and their kind gesture to our seminarians.”