Portion Control Helps In Holiday Battle Of The Bulge

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated with food, cranberries, stuffing, turkey, pie and much more.

However, the combination of a holiday devoted to feasting and all that great food can lead to problems for those looking to lose a few pounds.

“It’s a big family gathering and there will be more food than anyone can possibly eat, I’m sure” said shopper Mary Scott Herman.

Herman was checking off her shopping list on Wednesday, but isn’t loading a lot of concern into her cart.

“I’m retired and I’m 65, which means I can have dessert first or anything I want in any order. To be honest, I’m very relaxed about it,” she said.

Likewise, personal trainer Shana Martin said that people should worry. But there’s one thing she advises clients not to do during the holidays: skip meals.

“It’s somewhat challenging to get a completely healthy Thanksgiving dinner,” Martin said. “A lot of people do that, they try to eat healthy and eat less, so they hardly eat anything throughout the day, and then it gets to dinner time and then they just completely gorge themselves.”

“I think I will start helping cut the turkey and snitching a few pieces, and tasting my recipes as the day goes on,” said Herman.

Physical activity is the key and that doesn’t have to mean exercise Martin said.

“Its a nice day outside, go for a walk, go the park, go for a bike ride,” said Martin.