Pompeo: I’ll be secretary of state until Trump ‘tweets me out of office’

Pompeo: I’ll be secretary of state until Trump ‘tweets me out of office’
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Amid speculation about his political future, Mike Pompeo on Monday said he’d be in the secretary of state role until President Donald Trump “tweets (him) out.”

“I’m going to be there until he tweets me out of office,” Pompeo said, making light of Trump’s penchant for firing people over Twitter. Pompeo’s predecessor, Rex Tillerson, found out he had lost his job via tweet.

Pompeo, speaking at a Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) event in his home state of Kansas, said that “at least today” he wasn’t counting on losing his job.

The nation’s top diplomat spoke highly of serving for Trump, calling it “the job of a lifetime” and noting that he and the President speak “almost every day.”

However, Pompeo’s remarks in Kansas — which come after trips to Iowa and Texas in recent weeks — did little to discourage the notion that he has his sights set on returning to elected office.

Although he has ruled out a Kansas Senate bid in 2020, Pompeo did not discount a political run in 2024.

“I try to just avoid ruling things out when there’s others who are in control,” Pompeo told the Kansas City Star in an interview published Sunday.

He reiterated his non-committal response about potential political plans in a local media interview — one of several he did during his stop in the Sunflower State.

“I’ve learned in life one needs to work hard, keep your head down, do your job as well as you can and then the next thing will come to you,” he told Fox 4 Kansas City.

Asked at the GES event what he sees himself doing in five years, he said, “It is hard to know what I’ll be doing.”

“I hope I’m still finding a place to have an impact and a place to serve as well,” he noted, adding that “goodness knows what the Lord will bring.”