Police: Woman sexually assaulted at Cross Plains restaurant

Investigation into sexual assault is ongoing
Police: Woman sexually assaulted at Cross Plains restaurant

Cross Plains police said a woman was reportedly sexually assaulted by five employees at a restaurant on Aug. 3.

Police served a search warrant at the Cinco de Mayo restaurant at 23 Glacier Edge Square last Friday.

Police said the woman was reportedly picking up takeout food at the restaurant around 9:40 p.m. While she was waiting for her food, restaurant staff her offered a margarita, which she accepted and then quickly started feeling foggy in the head, according to the search warrant.

The victim told police a man who worked at the restaurant led her to a bed in a storage room, where he removed her pants and underwear.

The victim told investigators the man opened a condom package and then raped her, according to the search warrant.

A second man then entered the room and forced the victim to touch his genitals through his clothing, according to the warrant.

The warrant references three other employees of the restaurant who are alleged to have engaged in various sex acts with the victim, one by one.


Once the victim was left alone, she left the room, walked to the bar, paid for her food and left, according to the warrant. The alleged incident was reported to police on Aug. 6.

Investigators interviewed employees at the restaurant Friday and took evidence from the facility that will be processed at the crime lab.

“Now it’s just a matter of tying up the loose ends, completing the interviews, putting all the evidence together and seeing where the evidence takes us,” said Cross Plains Police Chief Tom Janssen.

No charges have yet been filed in the case.

The restaurant’s owner, Martin Valencia, said his establishment is safe and believes the men will be cleared.

“To be honest with you, I wasn’t here that day. I left out of here early Friday,” Valencia said. “(The employees) are saying nothing. They’re saying they were just here and they were drinking and stuff, you know? That’s all. Stay a little late. Nothing. That’s all they told me.”

The restaurant opened nearly two months ago. Valencia said he plans to make changes to ensure safety.

“It’s a safe restaurant. All the employees that were working, we’re going to get new staff and everything, new people, so people know, they’re not scared of coming in for what happened,” Valencia said.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.