Police: Witnesses apprehend robber of 69-year-old woman’s purse

Police: Witnesses apprehend robber of 69-year-old woman’s purse

Witnesses detained a robber Saturday afternoon who stole a woman’s purse in the parking lot of the Janesville Mall, officials said.

Police responded to reports of a purse snatching around 4:45 p.m. outside Boston Store at 2500 Milton Ave., according to a release.

The 69-year-old woman was putting merchandise into her car when Curtis E. McGill approached her on foot and grabbed her purse out of the shopping cart, officials said.

When the woman turned to get her purse back she fell on the pavement and suffered minor injuries, according to the release.

McGill fled from the area on foot as witnesses in the area heard the commotion, officials said. The witnesses saw McGill running away with the woman’s purse as she told them her purse was just stolen.

According to the release, the witnesses ran after the suspect and apprehended him on the ground at the corner of Refset Drive and Hancock Lane until an officer arrived.

McGill was arrested on felony charges of theft of movable property from the elderly.