Police: Thief took aerosol computer dusters

Man arrested outside west side office supply store
Police: Thief took aerosol computer dusters

A Middleton man was arrested after police found him unconscious outside a burglarized office supply store on Madison’s west side Thursday night, according to police.

Officers were called to Office Depot, 676 S. Whitney Way, where he found an unconscious man with an aerosol computer duster at his feet and in his hand. Police said a backpack next to Anthony M. Prest, 25, contained a stolen camcorder and another aerosol computer duster.

Police said they were able to bring Prest around and he immediately began struggling with officers.

Police believe Prest was also involved in a burglary at the same store on Aug. 26.

Prest was arrested on suspicion of two counts of burglary, resisting officers, criminal damage to property, bail jumping and abuse of a hazardous substance.