Police share photo of ATM skimming fraud suspect

PHOTOS: Police share photos of suspect in ATM skimming incidents

Police asked the public for help identifying a suspect in an ATM skimming device incident in Fitchburg.

Fitchburg police shared two photos Tuesday showing a suspect in connection with a financial crime investigation from May 30 at a BMO Harris ATM at 2900 Fish Hatchery Road.

The Fitchburg Police Department was contacted by a BMO Harris financial crimes investigator who reported that they found a skimming device, including a card reader and camera, on one of the bank’s ATMs.

Police said the devices were set up in the morning of May 30 and later that night, were retrieved.

Customers who used the BMO Harris ATM on Fish Hatchery Road are urged to monitor their accounts for unauthorized transactions or withdrawals. Individuals should contact their financial institutions and file a police report with their local police department if they see any fraudulent activity.

Police said unauthorized transactions on customers’ accounts may be related to other skimming devices placed in the area. Several agencies are working together in trying to identify the suspect.

Police asked anyone with information on the identity of the suspect to contact Det. Hector Aguirre at 608-270-4300.