Police searching for Madison Craigslist scammer

Tennessee man conned out of jewelry in Craigslist transaction
Police searching for Madison Craigslist scammer

Madison police received a complaint on Dec. 5, from a resident in Greenbrier, Tennessee, of a Craigslist scam involving an individual in the Madison area, according to a report.

The Tennessee man posted jewelry on Craigslist, and using PayPal to secure funds to be transferred from one party to another. The victim said that a seemingly legitimate PayPal page had been created by the suspect so that the victim could receive his funds for the items.

He received notification that the payment was in process, and that the transaction could take up to 24 hours to be completed.

The man immediately mailed the jewelry to the buyer and waited for the financial transaction to be finalized, which never happened.

This incident continues to be investigated by the Madison Police Department.

Police say that Craigslist and similar Internet scams have been a frequent source of fraud activity within our city and even span internationally. The public should be cautious when making financial transactions over the internet, and make sure that all accounts are verified with the organization associated.

Police suggest to contact PayPal directly to verify whether or not a vendor or seller is legitimate, and make sure you are not setting yourself up to be victimized.