Police say man, woman beaten and robbed at East Washington gas station

Madison Police Department squad car

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police said a man and a woman were beaten and robbed at a gas station Saturday night.

Police said the victims entered the store at 3019 East Washington Avenue and saw two people who they described as friends. The male victim reportedly forgot his money in his car and went outside to get it. While outside, a car pulled up and one of the occupants got out. That person allegedly pistol-whipped the male victim.

A second occupant got out of the car and allegedly helped beat the male victim, before going inside the store where he and the two people allegedly beat the female victim. $50 was taken from the female victim.

Both victims were hospitalized, and police said the male victim needed several stitches for a head injury.

No further information was released.

This is the second robbery to occur near this gas station in the last week.

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On Wednesday, police said a man was assaulted and robbed after getting money from an ATM. Officials have not indicated whether or not the incidents are related.