Police release hundreds of pages of records in connection with Robinson case

What you need to know: Wednesday
Tony Robinson and Matthew Kenny

Madison police have released hundreds of pages of records related to the death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson.


The Madison Police Department released the documents Friday afternoon in response to requests for records in the case.

One set of documents nearly 300 pages long detailed at least 21 incidents since November of 1997 in which police contacted Robinson. In most of those incidents, Robinson was listed as a “contact” and was interviewed by police but was not directly involved with the situation.

Several dozen pages detailed Robinson’s involvement in an armed robbery on April 25, 2014.

Another incident, dated Jan. 11, details a day when Robinson’s mother called police to report that he was missing, according to police documents.

Andrea Irwin’s statement to police reads that she heard Robinson arguing with his brother in her home, and then asked him to leave the house. After sitting on her porch for a while, Robinson left the residence. Irwin told police that he called her twice, but hung up on him both times. Officers found Robinson blocks away and took  him home.

A handful of other incidents centered on Robinson’s father, Tony Robinson Sr. On Nov. 5, 1997, police were called to Irwin’s home to investigate a battery case, according to the documents. Another incident dated Oct. 6, 2008, was labeled as a domestic disturbance and detailed an argument between Robinson’s parents.

A letter provided along with the records signed by Madison police Lt. Anthony Bitterman said police are releasing some of the documents and acknowledges the department is redacting certain information from the records released Friday.

“We are acutely aware of the intense public interest surrounding the death of Mr. Tony Robinson,” Bitterman wrote. “We are also sensitive to the concerns of the family, friends and for all those involved. We take our responsibility to respond to public records requests seriously and base all our decisions upon applicable state and federal laws, while balancing the public interests favoring release of these records against those public interests favoring non-disclosure of these records.”

The records that have been requested from the department included reports on a 2007 officer-involved shooting incident; the personnel file for Officer Matt Kenny; records related to the armed robbery/home invasion on April 25, 2014; records pertaining to instances in which Kenny employed force; all complaints filed against Kenny; the full report on the shooting of Tony Robinson; the full March 6, 2015, 911 call reporting a disturbance involving Robinson; all witness statements taken by Madison police related to the Robinson shooting including Kenny’s statement; Kenny’s hospital record from the night of March 6; and the incident report and complete witness statements from the 2007 fatal shooting of Ronald Brandon.

Links to download eight PDFs released Friday:

Letter to Requestors


Call for service reports at 1125 Williamson

Use of force reports involving Kenny

Post March 6 threat info

Police contacts reports Robinson

Personnel-discipline-training file for Matthew Kenny

2007 officer-involved shooting investigation reports