Police officer ticketed for parking in handicapped spot

Police officer ticketed for parking in handicapped spot

A Monroe police officer will be reprimanded and issued a parking ticket for parking a squad car in a handicapped parking stall at a convenience store.

Monroe police said the officer’s squad car was photographed by a citizen and shared on social media, which led to complaints to the department.

Police said their investigation found that the officer was in the store following up on a call, but parking in the handicapped stall was contrary to policy.

“It didn’t embarrass just one officer. The department as a whole was embarrassed,” Monroe police Chief Fredrick Kelley said. “He is in essence a regular citizen. We issue parking tickets to regular citizens that park in handicap stalls and we do that regularly.”

The officer got the same parking ticket that would have been issued to anyone else that had parked in a handicapped stall without handicapped status, according to a release from police.

“Officers have a certain authority by law, but they have to use that authority responsibly,” Kelley said. “How can we police the public if we are not a good example? So I guess to show the other officers and the community that we are willing to police ourselves when it is called for.”

The department is not releasing the name of the officer, but Kelley said he has been with the department for more than 10 years.