Police: Employers kept employee in locked storage box

Police: Employers kept employee in locked storage box
Firas S. Yasin, 36, of Tinley Park, Illinois; and Eyad Y. Abdel Jalil, 38, Orland Park, Illinois

Two men reportedly beat and locked their employee in a box for hours Sunday, police said.

Madison police said a 21-year-old man told officers he was beaten and kept in a small box for 5 hours after a dispute with his employers, 36-year-old Firas S. Yasin, of Tinley Park, Illinois, and 38-year-old Eyad Y. Abdel Jalil, of Orland Park, Illinois.

According to the report, Freedom Wireless Partners employers Yasin and Jalil punched, choked, kicked and locked the employee in a box “so small he was forced to be in a fetal position.”

The dispute began when Yasin and Jalil accused the employee of theft, police said.

The employee told police that at some point the box was unlocked and he escaped.

Yasin and Jalil were tentatively charged with kidnapping for the confinement, police said.

The investigation is ongoing and additional tentative charges are expected.

An earlier version of the story noted that the employee worked at the Cricket Wireless on North Sherman Avenue. Police corrected the report to note that Freedom Wireless Partners is an independent dealer for Cricket Wireless.

Police also said the employee is homeless.