Police: Drug user attempts to take officer’s gun at hospital

Monona police squad

A Monona man arrested Friday and taken to the hospital for drug withdrawal treatment attacked the officer in an ER treatment room, police said.

According to a report, Monona police arrested Cody Wiser, 19, on Friday for several charges.

Police said Wiser was a heroin user and was going through withdrawals when he was arrested. Wiser was then taken to UW Hospital for medical clearance, Monona police said.

While in a patient room in the ER, police said Wiser picked up and swung a large metal stool at Sgt. Ryan Losby’s head. The Monona officer deflected the stool and Wiser charged the officer, according to the report. Police said a one-on-one physical altercation ensued in the room and Wiser attempted to pull Losby’s gun from its holster three times while the door was closed.

The report noted that Losby was not able to communicate with his radio during the struggle, but after a five-minute altercation, one of the ER staff heard a crash and the officer yelling for help.

Police said it took six emergency room staff members plus the officer to bring Wiser to the ground and secure him.

Neither man needed medical attention for injuries from the altercation.

The report did not indicate what time of day the arrest or attack occurred.

Monona police said Wiser was taken to Dane County Jail and charged on suspicion of felony burglary, theft, bail jumping, possession of drug paraphernalia, two felony counts of fraudulent writings, disorderly conduct, alteration of property identification markings, damage to property, attempted battery to a law enforcement officer and attempted disarming of a peace officer.

Losby has 14 years of law enforcement experience, according to the Monona Police Department.