Police: Driver sideswipes, rams another car, attacks driver

Police: Driver sideswipes, rams another car, attacks driver
David E. Zanger, 38, Madison

A Madison man is facing multiple charges after he struck another drivers car, then battered the driver Thursday afternoon, police said.

Madison police said 38-year-old David E. Zanger sideswiped another driver in the 2200 block of East Washington Avenue just after 1 p.m.

The other driver, a 23-year-old Iowa man, pulled over to check damage to his car. According to the report, Zanger then rammed his car into the victim’s car from behind.

Witnesses told police that just after impact, Zanger jumped out of his car and attacked the victim. Stunned, the 23-year-old told police he was punched multiple times in the face before defending himself by tackling the suspect and taking him to the ground.

After officers arrived, Zanger struggled with them while blaming the victim for the road-rage incident, police said.

The victim suffered facial injuries, and his car was also damaged.

Zanger faces charges including battery, disorderly conduct and resisting or obstructing police. He was also cited on suspicion of reckless driving.