Police chief announces structural change to address violent crimes

Police chief announces structural change to address violent crimes
Chief Mike Koval

Madison’s police chief announced a structural change to his department Tuesday focused on solving the city’s most violent crimes.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said he will create two detective units specializing in violent crimes and burglaries.

The violent crime unit, made up of six detectives from the city, will focus on homicides, armed robberies, batteries and gun-related incidents.

The second unit will be a burglary crimes unit, which is something Koval said is sinister because it violates the sanctity of people’s homes.

Koval said the department isn’t solving enough burglary cases.

“I want them to be better. As someone who has to evaluate how we deliver services, intent can only go so far. I demand results. I demand accountability of all our officers and our detectives,” Koval said.

The new units will start their work next month. Koval said the detectives will be brought in from the district level, but he hopes positive results with the program will help him get more detectives in the future.

Tuesday’s announcement comes a week after Koval introduced a policing program focused on five specific neighborhoods.