Planned Parenthood to open new donor-funded health center in Milwaukee

Planned Parenthood to open new donor-funded health center in Milwaukee

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced Friday that it will be opening a new donor-funded health center in Milwaukee.

The new Planned Parenthood facility will offer abortion services, as well as preventive health care like cancer screenings, birth control and STD testing and treatment, according to a release from PPWI.

“We are honored to continue our role as a critical statewide health care provider, offering essential reproductive care, including the vital service of abortion, in our state-of-the-art health center,” President and CEO of PPWI Tanya Atkinson said.

The project to create this new facility cost $8 million, and all of the funding came from private donor support in Wisconsin, PPWI confirmed.

Right to Life Wisconsin released a statement Friday suggesting Planned Parenthood does not need taxpayer money.

“It is beyond the pale that Planned Parenthood would insist they continue to need tax payer dollars, while they pay for an $8 million facility,” Exective Directoof of Right to Life Wisconsin Heather Weininger said.

State Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) released a statement expressing her pride in Wisconsin for supporting PPWI.

“Despite the continued efforts from Republican leaders to dismantle access to vital healthcare services, it is heartening to see community members rally behind an organization that has been a trusted healthcare provider for the past 80 years,” Shilling said.

No state or federal funding goes toward abortion services, according to the PPWI release.