Pirate ship stops in La Crosse

Boaters on the Mississippi River may notice an unusual site over the next few days.

A real-life pirate ship, being sailed by Daniel Kellogg, stopped at the La Crosse Municipal Boat Harbor on Thursday.

Kellogg has been sailing pirate ships for 20 years after growing up in the Bahamas and developing an interest in pirate history. He picked up this ship in St. Louis and is sailing up to the Twin Cities where he’ll meet up with his family.

He said the ship has made a lot of fans during the journey.

“It’s been pretty fun. People will hop in their boats, jump out there, circle the boat a couple times, throw us beers, raise their Jolly Roger, you know, give us ‘Arghs’ all the time. It’s a lot of fun. It turns out there’s a lot of pirate in a lot of people,” Kellogg said.

The ship is expected to finish its voyage to the Twin Cities sometime next week.