Pick a number: Packers receiver Adams remembers Bart Starr

Players speak publicly for the first time

Wednesday, the current Packers spoke to the media for the first time since the death of legendary quarterback Bart Starr.

Receiver Davante Adams recalled his first- although indirect- interaction with the five-time NFL champion. Green Bay picked Adams in the second round of the 2014 draft, and he learned quickly that he would have to make a wardrobe change.

“They called me on draft day and asked me what number I wore. I wore 15 in college. I told them ’15.’ They gave me a pretty crazy, awkward pause. I’m like ’15,'” Adams said with a grin. “They’re like ‘There’s a guy by the name of Bart Starr who played here.’ I was like ‘Oops. No disrespect.’ I didn’t realize it. That was the first interaction that we kinda had. I ended up telling him about that later on, too.”

Adams changed his number to 17. He’s hauled in 35 touchdowns passes and made two Pro Bowl rosters in the last three seasons.