Phosphorous reduction initiative announced

Parisi proposes 'Clean Lakes, Clean Energy' program

Dane County will work to clean up county lakes with a new system designed to reduce phosphorous runoff.

County Executive Joe Parisi announced the “Clean Lakes, Clean Energy” program Thursday. It will be introduced in the 2013 budget Monday.

“Cleaning up our lakes, preserving our lands, and investing in green energy like solar, wind, and alternative fuels are shared values that enhance our quality of life we enjoy in Dane County,” Parisi said.

The $300,000 system as part of the new manure digester will open next year in the Town of Springfield. It will successfully remove 100 percent of the phosphorous from animal waste, said Parisi. It is the first system of its kind in Wisconsin.

“It’s our focus because phosphorus is the main cause of smelly, murky green lakes,” said Parisi. “In fact, preventing one pound of phosphorus from entering our water prevents 500 pounds of algae growth.”

Parisi also proposed tripling lake cleanup and phosphorus reduction in 2013. His plan includes planting buffer strips on farm fields and building roofs over animal feeding areas.