Performer, show director quit after allegations, controversy at Plan B

Performer, show director quit after allegations, controversy at Plan B

An incident last weekend at Plan B is causing online controversy.

Drag queen performers have taken to social media, expressing their anger over a situation that happened at the nightclub. They say they were told to not use the changing room and bathroom and were instead asked to change in their cars or come to the club already prepared to perform.

“That’s not safe at all. You can’t have guys dressed as women changing in the parking lot in the freezing cold,” said show director Bianca Lynn Breeze.

Breeze stepped down as show director Sunday after hearing about the incident.

Performers say they were not informed and felt confused as to why they couldn’t use the same room they had been allowed to use for months.

Plan B said in a statement online:

“A few weeks ago, we were contacted by the City Inspectors Office that the upstairs, which is used by our performers, could no longer be used. A week or two later, we were contacted again, indicating that the use of the changing room must come to a immediate halt. The closure of our changing room was necessary to keep our space open and safe for all. The City Inspectors Office insisted that they would come the next day to verify that the upstairs is locked and not in use. On Saturday, it was brought to our attention that the door had been unlocked, at which point and by who, nobody seems to know. The use of the upstairs would result in serious fines against Plan B, which Plan B is not able to sustain. Our understanding was that all Drag Queens had been informed, and our special guest, Bryanna Banx, was properly notified. We are deeply sorry that our performers, as well as the larger Drag community and allies, were offended by this serious miscommunication.”

Performer, show director quit after allegations, controversy at Plan B

Performers responded to Plan B’s statement, saying in their own personal videos that what happened over the weekend isn’t the only reason they no longer support the club.

“Once I started hearing allegations of people being served underage, the mistreatment of people of color at the bar, the owners harassing patrons and employees, I knew that as a queen and my own morals, I didn’t want to represent a bar that was no longer a safe place for performers or for the queer community in Madison,” said former performer Regina Lynn Taylor.

The future of the club remains uncertain at this point. Taylor and Breeze both expressed they wouldn’t show their support for the club any longer, as they don’t see that the club supports them or their community. They added they would support the club closing.

We reached out to all three owners of Plan B, and none of them returned our request for comment.

More details surrounding the incident and the history can be found here.

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