Paulie Fest is This Weekend

Paulie Fest is This Weekend

The death of Pulie Heenan on November 9, 2012, reverberated through the Madison music community, and the shock has not worn off. Despite all the unanswered questions and the ongoing fight for justice, several of Paulie’s friends and family came together to form Paulie’s Gift, a charitable foundation. The purpose is to bring positivity and reflect on the life of Paulie Heenan, not his death, by supporting projects that reflect some of Paulie’s core principles: his love of music, his eagerness to lend a hand and his desire to bring people together. The foundation will channel funds to the Fender Music Foundation, which provides instruments for schools, after-school programs and music therapy programs.

The group will kick off its drive Friday, May 31, and Saturday, June 1, at the High Noon Saloon with an event they are calling Paulie Fest. Several of Heenan’s close associates will perform and there are some special moments planned. The event is an opportunity for those who knew Paulie and the broader community to come together through music. Saturday will also include a silent auction and there will be merchandise available both days

The musical lineup represents many of the acts that Paulie was associated with as a performer, a studio engineer or a live sound engineer.

Hometown Sweethearts: Paulie was close friends with the group, especially drummer Scott Beardsley. Paulie was mixing sound fro the band at the Crystal Corner on the night of his death.
Mojo Radio: Paulie had actually agreed to join this band as a guitarist.
Beyond Reason: The band was formerly known as Thee Rule and Paulie worked as a studio engineer for the band.
Oregon High School Jazz Combo: Pauile played with this group in school.

Solid Gold: Paulie played and toured with this band after the breakup of his own, very succesful band, Monovox.
All Tiny Creatures: Though not directly involved with Paulie, this very popular Madison band asked to be on the bill.
Lorenzo’s Music: Paulie ran sound for this band. Some of his closest associates are affiliated with DNA Recording Lab and this is where Paulie worked as a sound engineer. DNA co-owner Mark Whitcomb plays in Lorenzo’s Music.
Cowboy Winter: Paulie had agreed to work with this band on a recording project.